Bali Rafting

Bali White Water Rafting is spectacular experience on the great water rafting with amazing panorama of riverbank and surrounding area. Bali offer you a chance to join this exciting water adventure. The river rapid will bring you on the fun experience during your vacation in Bali. It is located at two famous river in Bali where give more choice to join this fun water rafting at Ayung River in Ubud and Telagawaja River at Karangasem regency. Both of river providing the great water adventure with the beautiful scenery and landscape and also the original nature a long this water adventure. Some of rafting companies with the professional river guide serve you on this tour which has been selected as the recommendation rafting company like Sobek Rafting, Bali Adventure Tours, Bali International Rafting, Ayung River Rafting and Mega Rafting.

SOBEK Adventure Rafting
This pioneer rafting trip in Bali is where adventure started with SOBEK in 1989. The great adventure rafting with SOBEK Bali will trace the Ayung or Telaga Waja River at the same time enjoy the experienced view of river bank which still be wild and nature. The adventures full of fun and hospitality atmosphere created from well trained staff explore the river about 2 hours and bring you to a memorable experience which is not fallen into oblivion. SOBEK Bali is the leading adventure company serving and taking care of you during adventure rafting in Bali. SOBEK offer the correct choice to merge into the adventure rafting in two rivers that are Ayung River or Telaga Waja River.

* Price: US$ 79 net/person

Bali International Rafting established in 1995, follows sound the ecological to nature the relationship with the village and surrounding. Bali International Rafting squiring you to a challenging and full of fun adventure rafting pass to the challenge and amazing rapids with the clear water river emit a stream of from Agung Mount flow to the coastal edge. Bali International Rafting offering rafting adventure at Telaga Waja river in eastern part of Bali Island. Enjoy navigating numerous rapids and steering clear of the rock. Paddle right under a nature waterfall shower and discover all the thrills and action that this dynamic rafting courses offers.


* Price: US$ 73 net/person

Bali Adventure Tours provides the challenge adventure rafting in Ayung River Ubud Bali, tracing the river stream with the challenge rapids and serves you whether you are 5 years or 75 years, a natural or a novice. Bali Adventure Rafting offers you a safe rafting ride, fun and breathtaking experience to be enjoyed by the whole family. The action started when you launch into an 8 km river stretch, navigating 27 class II and III rapids.


* Price: US$ 76 net/person

A new establish adventure company to bring you to the safe adventure rafting with full of fun. You will be invited to explore the Ayung River, see the wild and high riverbank and also pass the challenging and attractive rapids will be able to give the memory in your holiday in Bali. Your will be guided by the well trained and experience guide to raw the rubber boat, exploring river within approximately 2 hours with the beautiful nature and also enjoy the buffet lunch at the finish point.


* Price: US$ 65 net/person  ( SPECIAL 35 % DISCOUNT )